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#FloViz winners

Most creative

Bubbleplot in Jupyter, by Roddy Jaques

Most innovative

Animated coxcomb in R, by Sian Bladon

Most accurate

Coxcomb reproduction in R, Edward Gunning

Children category

Nandita Das for her beautiful version of the diagram in the shape of Athena, Flo’s pet owl

Eider Díaz de Argandoña for her impressive plots and website analysing Nightingale’s data

Entries were judged by David Green (director of the Florence Nightingale museum), Lucy Teece (YSS chair, University of Leicester), Craig Anderson (YSS meetings secretary, University of Glasgow). Liz Buckingham-Jeffery (YSS & RSS Nightingale2020 Planning group, Highways England) & Altea Lorenzo-Arribas (YSS & RSS Nightingale2020 Planning group, BioSS).

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