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Join our mailing list!


Make sure you stay in the loop on all our upcoming events by joining the broadcast YSS mailing list hosted at JISCMail!

Subscribing only takes a minute: simply follow the instructions below…
1. In your web browser, visit the JISCMail site at
2. In the search box in the top-right corner, type YOUNG-RSS (the name of our list) and click “Go”.
3. Click on the top search result (JISCMail – YOUNG-RSS List at WWW.JISCMAIL.AC.UK) to bring up the main page for the YOUNG-RSS mailing list.
4. Click on “Subscribe or Unsubscribe” and follow the instructions.

A quick tip: On the main page for the mailing list (which you brought up in step 3 above), you can also browse through the messages we have sent out in recent months!

To leave the list at any point in the future, simply follow the instructions given on the “Subscribe or Unscubscribe” page, and JISCMail will do the rest.


Mailing List Details
The broadcast mailing list of the Young Statisticians Section (YSS) of the Royal Statistical Society is for statisticians in the early stages of their careers or studies. We share details about events, competitions, awards, conferences, etc. that may be of interest and relevant to young statisticians, including those organised by the YSS. This is an open mailing list, thus subscribers may post relevant content, however it should be noted that all posts are monitored by the YSS. The YSS will accept/reject posts based on the content of the post, and their relevance to the mailing list. We will hold your personal data(name and email address) to share information, via email, of items posted on the mailing list. The information is provided as legitimate interest. We will not share your data with any third parties and will delete your data when you leave the Young Statisticians Section Mailing List.

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