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The RSS Sections and Local Groups are run by a committee of volunteer RSS fellows. Sections organize scientific meetings and events which focus on a particular branch or application of statistics. Whereas Local Groups organize a wide range of meetings based in and around a particular geographical region. The Section and Local Groups meetings are open to all members of the Society. The events offer a great opportunity to share statistical expertise, discover new developments in statistics, and to network with statisticians with similar interests.

Find out more about the Sections and Local Groups by watching the videos below!


Meet the Young Statisticians Section (YSS):


Meet the RSS Merseyside Local Group:


Meet the RSS Glasgow Local Group:


Tell us a bit about yourself, why you joined the RSS and why you joined the Glasgow Local Group.

My name is Sebastián Martínez, I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Glasgow. My research focuses on how to do statistical inference in networks, with an application on public health. I am from Colombia, where I did one Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and one in Economics. Before coming to Glasgow to do work on my Ph.D., I lived for a couple of years in Berlin doing a Master’s in Public Policy and learning how to make sausages (when in Rome…).

I believe in the proper dissemination of science, and given that this was the topic of one of the first events organised by the RSS Glasgow Local Group I attended, I was hooked from the beginning. At the beginning of 2018, they were looking for new members for the committee, so I submitted my name and have been a part of it since.

Tell us about the objectives of the Glasgow Local Group and any recent events of interest

The local group is well established, and has been organising events for the local members since its inception. Just like other local groups, the main objectives of the Glasgow Local Group is to engage with the local community through public events on specific areas of statistical interest.

We organise around 6 events every year, with a broad range of topics. At the beginning of the year the University of Strathclyde hosted us for an event with the President of the RSS, David Spiegelhalter, on the topic of ‘Trust in Numbers’. We partook in the Glasgow Science Festival, at the Kelvingrove Museum, where members from our committee taught passers-by about a ‘cool’ statistical technique to estimate the number of penguins in an area, without having to count them all. We are currently engaging with the International Development Section of the RSS to talk about the data challenges of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

How can we get involved with the Local Group? 

We have a mailing list which anyone can join, and a Twitter account that helps us spread relevant news from our local group. I am sure I speak for the committee when I say that any one of us would be happy to talk to any person interested in our events, our work, the local group, being a member of the committee, or statistics in general.

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