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The YSS Committee 2020 are…

Lucy Teece [Chair], Emily Granger [Vice Chair], Maria Dunbar [Secretary], Craig Anderson [Meetings Secretary], Altea Lorenzo-Arribas
[Social Media & Communications manager], Liz Buckingham-Jeffery, Sritika Chowdhury, Shikta Das, Katie Fisher, Marnie Low , Ryan Jessop, Joy Leahy

Please see below for our individual profiles!

Lucy Teece [Chair] is a Research Associate in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Department of Health Sciences at the University of Leicester. Her research interests include prognostic modelling, survival analysis, and competing risks. She joined the YSS committee at the beginning of 2015, and became Chair of the Committee at the beginning of 2019.


Emily Granger [Vice Chair] is a PhD student in medical statistics from the University of Manchester. Her research involves developing new diagnostics for propensity score analyses which can be used to justify that the treatment effect estimate obtained using a propensity score is unbiased. She joined the YSS committee in 2018.

Maria Dunbar

Maria Dunbar [Secretary] is a Trainee at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. She has previously worked at Public Health England and the World Health Organization. She enjoys using statistical modelling in public health. Her research interests are within health protection, in particular environmental epidemiology, infectious diseases and One Health approaches. She joined the YSS committee at the beginning of 2018.

Craig Anderson [Meetings Secretary] is a Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Glasgow as part of the Environmental Statistics group. His main research interests lie in developing statistical methodology for health data, with a focus on health inequalities both in Scotland and globally. His research topics include spatial statistics, disease mapping and child growth modelling.


Altea Lorenzo-Arribas [Social Media & Communications Manager]  is a socio-economic statistician at Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS) working with the Social Economic and Geographical Sciences (SEGS) group at the James Hutton Institute and the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen. She was awarded a PhD in 2019 at the University of Southampton developing statistical methods for the analysis of ordinal response data. She is also a STEM ambassador for the North of Scotland. Altea joined the YSS committee at the beginning of 2018.

Liz Buckingham-Jeffery now works at Highways England. She previously worked as a research associate in the University of Manchester developing models of infectious diseases and analysing disease surveillance data, having obtained her PhD from the University of Warwick. Liz joined the YSS committee in 2019.

Sritika Chowdhury is a statistician working at Transport Research Laboratory. She works on a range of projects including understanding young and novice driver behaviour, driver distraction and workload, and collision analysis. She joined the YSS Committee in 2019.


Shikta Das, a Research Associate in Epidemiology at UCL, has expertise in statistical modelling, genetics and bioinformatics, randomised clinical trials (RCT) with specialisation in statistical consulting, research design and research project management. The main focus of her research was to develop longitudinal growth models, cohort data analysis and genetic association studies, exploring putative role of environmental prenatal, postnatal and adulthood factors associating with early growth in response to programming in utero and metabolic syndrome diseases, such as, Obesity and Cardio-Vascular Diseases.Shikta joined the YSS committee in 2018.


Katie Fisher is a government statistician, working at Defra on waste statistics. She has recently joined the civil service from academia, having previously completed a PhD in behavioural ecology and post-doctoral position in population ecology at the University of Leeds. She joined the YSS committee at the beginning of 2016.

Marnie Low is a Learning, Teaching and Scholarship (LTS) lecturer in Statistics at the University of Glasgow. Her statistical research interests are in spatio-temporal spline-based models, with a primary focus on environmental problems like groundwater contamination. Her role as an LTS lecturer means she is also interested in scholarship associated with Statistics and in this area her research interests are in technology enhanced learning. She joined the YSS committee at the beginning of 2020.

Joy Leahy is a statistician at the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics in Ireland. She is a graduate of Mathematics and Statistics from University College Cork and holds a PhD in statistics from Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests include health technology assessment, with particular focus on network meta-analysis. She is a statistical ambassador with the Royal Statistical Society and joined the YSS committee in 2020.

Ryan Jessop works as a data scientist for an AdTech start-up, Carbon DMP, in the North East of England. He is studying for a part-time Masters by Research in Statistics at Durham University. He joined the committee in January 2020.

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