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REVIEW – Round table with young statisticians from Europe on 14 Jun 2014



On 14 June 2014, the young section of the Italian Statistical Society (ySIS) organised the first International Young Statistical Meeting (IYSM).

ySIS website:

IYSM website:

The event was dedicated to young statisticians and featured two tutorials, a round table with young statisticians from Europe, and social events. This was the first event totally organised by the newly-born young section of SIS, which began its activities in 2013.

The event officially started on Friday afternoon, with the last session of the SIS scientific meeting (i.e., the PhD Awards Special Session of the SIS prize for the best PhD thesis in Statistics) and continued into the night with an ice-breaking social dinner. For those who survived, the morning of Saturday was dedicated to a wonderful tutorial on Bayesian model selection given by Ed George and Veronika Rockova (The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania), and in the afternoon, Francesco Stingo (MD Anderson Cancer Center) presented an juicy talk on recent advances in bioinformatics.

The event concluded with a lively round table with members of young sections of the main European and International Statistical Societies and young statisticians working in industry, featuring I. Antoniano (j-ISBA), S. Liverani (y-RSS), G. Russolillo (j-SFDS), L. Trinchera (y-BIS), G. Cassarini (MOX-OFF srl), C. Fede (ISTAT), and M. Santoni (Nunatac srl).

IYSM 2014 was a ideal event with which to kick off the activities of y-SIS and presented a great opportunity to bring together young people involved in statistics at national and international level, and foster collaborations between young statistical groups.

Reviewed by the organisers, Francesca Ieva and Antonio Canale.

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